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How do you know if you are suffering from sleep apnea? Sleep apnea can cause a number of effects, including snoring and breathing pauses of several seconds during sleep. Restricted air passages are the cause of sleep apnea. Unless there is someone who has observed these effects while you are sleeping, you may not even know you have the condition. Snoring and teeth grinding are major signs of sleep apnea. Another big (and dangerous) sign is briefly waking up to gasp for air and then falling back asleep. The pauses in breathing can last 10 to 90 seconds or longer and occur multiple times during the night.

Many people do not understand how sleep apnea can cause serious health risks and ongoing health conditions if left untreated. When you stop breathing several times each night, the lack of oxygen to your brain can affect many areas of your body. It is important to recognize the symptoms of sleep apnea as soon as possible because the condition has been linked to high blood pressure, chronic fatigue, insomnia, diabetes, and memory loss. It can also significantly increase the risk of heart attack, stroke, and other life-threatening conditions.

Luckily, Eureka Smiles offers advanced treatments for sleep apnea that can provide a more positive flow of air through breathing passages and give you a more restful, healthier night’s sleep. Tune in to our blog for part two in our series on sleep apnea, where we’ll talk more about the state-of-the-art treatment options available at our practice. If you have questions, or if you would like to schedule an appointment please contact us today.

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