At Eureka Smiles, it is of the utmost importance to our cosmetic dentists that you are as comfortable as possible for the duration of your visit. To this end, we have created a relaxing and beautiful atmosphere for our patients. Our office features professional landscaping with live tropical plants and a warm, inviting coziness that lacks that “dental office” smell.

Office Technology

At Eureka Smiles, we strive to maintain a state-of-the-art office in which we feature many of the newest advances in dentistry. Our treatment areas are well lit and filled with new equipment for efficiency and patient comfort and safety. We employ the newest sterilization machines and surface disinfectants available to ensure your peace of mind. There are computers in each treatment room for patient education, as well as intraoral cameras to show the patient areas of concern in their mouths. We are also proud to employ all-digital x-rays, which subject our patients to significantly less radiation than traditional x-rays do.

Kodak 9000 3D Imaging

Our practice is happy to provide patients with enhanced levels of care through Kodak 9000 3D Imaging, an advanced diagnostic system that allows us to more accurately examine the teeth and gums! This technology gives our cosmetic dentists an in-depth, ultra-precise look into areas of concern with decreased ambiguity. The images produced are of unparalleled quality and can help Drs. Klumb and Menolascino make more sound procedural decisions in order to optimize both treatment and results.

Emitting lower doses of radiation than other x-ray methods, this unique tool allows our dentists to achieve focused-field 3D imaging, rendering every angle of our patients’ teeth, gum tissue, and tooth pulp in great detail. It can also provide us with cutting-edge 2D panoramic images that are crisp, clear, and anatomically correct. As a result, our cosmetic dentists can gain a solid understanding of the positioning of teeth in relation to each other for more accurate and effective treatment decisions. Whether you are undergoing orthodontic treatment, cosmetic dental procedures, or a routine check-up, this system can allow a superior and more comfortable treatment experience.


OralID® is a handheld light used in complement with oral cancer screenings to detect cancerous or pre-cancerous lesions. This is achieved using fluorescence technology, a blue light-based protocol that is scientifically proven to help your dentist see mucosal irregularities. With OralID®, your dental hygienist simply shines a small light into your mouth to identify potential abnormalities. Any growths that may be out of the ordinary should appear darker than the rest of your oral tissues, allowing your hygienist to more accurately assess the lesion. Ultimately, OralID® can make your oral examinations more effective and allow our dentists to better diagnose your oral health concerns.

At Eureka Smiles, it is our job to create vibrant and healthy smiles. To us, the most beautiful smiles in the world are those we see every day, on the faces of our happy patients. If you are ready for the most enjoyable dental visit of your life, contact us today at Eureka Smiles.