Laser gum therapy and gum reshaping can dramatically improve the health and aesthetics of your smile. However, when using these new technologies and techniques, it can be easy for a dentist to get carried away by the possibilities and recklessly contour the gums. While the immediate results of over-zealous gum tissue management might look appealing from a cosmetic perspective, the long-term consequences could actually compromise the health and integrity of your smile.

Without careful and cautious planning, poorly administered laser tissue management procedures can cause chronic gum irritation, gingivitis, or decay. At Eureka Smiles, we take a number of steps that can help prevent these potential hazards. Before performing laser gum therapy or gum reshaping, our dentists carefully plan a customized approach based upon both the desires and the dental anatomy of the patient. The planning stage can include:

  •      Clear discussion of patient expectations
  •      Examination of dental anatomy to identify limitations
  •      Radiographic testing
  •      Bone sounding
  •      Visual reference for intended outcome

While there are certainly many benefits of tissue management, respecting the limitations your unique dental anatomy and contouring with these limitations in mind can enhance the appearance of your smile while still protecting your overall oral health.

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