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As a mainstay in St. Louis dentistry for over 40 years, Eureka Smiles was recently featured on a news segment called “Show Me St. Louis” on KSDK Channel 5! In the segment, our acclaimed cosmetic dentists, Dr. Eric Klumb and Dr. Mike Menolascino, reveal how they’re able to obtain such stunning results with their dental treatments.

“We pride ourselves on our staff and how we work as a team to provide the best possible result for each patient,” Dr. Menolascino states in the clip. In achieving this elevated standard of results, Dr. Klumb and Dr. Menolascino highlight their top-of-the-line dental technology. Advanced machinery at the office includes the primescan and primemill, which are both used to create same-day crowns. With the ability to manufacture and place dental crowns in the span of one appointment, patients typically experience less discomfort and do not need to contend with a temporary crown. The primescan and primemill are also used to fabricate dentures and partial dentures/bridges for patients who struggle with missing teeth.

The practice’s array of dental technology also includes an intraoral imaging device that can accurately capture measurements inside the teeth and mouth without messy putties. “Nobody really wants a big tray with goop stuck in their mouth…so the more we can stay away from that, the better,” Dr. Klumb comments. Other techniques also work to enhance the patient experience, including an in-house 3D x-ray machine to more easily place dental implants and the SureSmile® orthodontic system to straighten teeth using clear aligners rather than braces.

When asked what patients should look for in a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Klumb advises men and women in Eureka to search for someone who “focuses on [cosmetic dentistry] and enjoys it, not someone who just does it offhand.” If you have a question about our services or if you’re searching for family dental care, Dr. Klumb and Dr. Menolascino would be happy to meet you. Please contact Eureka Smiles for more information.

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