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Every individual has unique orthodontic needs and goals; therefore, the exact cost of Invisalign® varies from patient to patient. Factors that can influence the price of your Invisalign® treatment may include: the complexity of the issues affecting your teeth; the severity of misalignment; the total number of aligners needed to achieve straighter teeth; and the overall experience of your dentist.

Our cosmetic dentists believe that every person deserves the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. With that in mind, we offer a variety of financing options that can help turn your dream smile into a reality. In addition to working with your insurance provider to take advantage of any orthodontic treatment benefits that may be available to you, we accept a number of different payment options and have partnerships with independent financial payment services. Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding a payment method that works within your budget.

To learn more about Invisalign®, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eric Klumb or Dr. Mike Menlascino, please contact our office today.

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